Prayer of Meditation on Psalm 139


Psalm 139. I thank you, Lord, for the truth revealed in Scripture of your omnipresence. You are everywhere and in everything. I suppose there is some truth to the eastern religions that say “god is in the tree” or something like this: you are there in the fact that you are everywhere. Nothing is hidden from you, you know all things and are aware of every hurt. You know every wicked thing we do and you bear it up and you endure it with great patience. All at once you are here with me as I write these words and you are at the bottom of the sea watching the tiny fish swim under rocks. All at this time you are watching the landscape and enjoying the beauty of your own splendid creation from the tops of mountain peaks and you have counted every snowflake that falls on them. You watch with joy when a new child is born in Singapore and you understand every word the exuberant family says. You are there when the rows upon rows of cribs in the North Korean orphanage are filled with children who won’t have enough to eat. How long, O Lord? You see and understand everything all at once and none of it takes you by surprise. Your glory is hidden and difficult for us to see in the blasphemous rants of Muslim clerics and their disciples that you tolerate just before they attack. And yet it is on full display when someone loves another enough to sacrifice their own desires to hel another in need. It is on full display when the wicked repent and the punishment they deserve (like me!) is rather poured out on your son. You this all of this. You watch all these things with your loving eyes and nothing escapes your attention. And while you listen to the cries of the children in Darfur, you are also watching the expanse of the universe in all its intricate details with the greatest care. You see every star that implodes that are beyond the reaches of our telescopes. You sustain the trillions of asteroids and planets and suns and galaxies as they fly through space and yet move and operate with stunning precision as simply as though they were a child’s blocks, stacking them one on top of the other.

I exclaim, with the Psalms, “What is man tat you are mindful of him?” We have made a mess of your wondrous creation and we long and groan for the day when you will vindicate your name on the earth. The day will come when you will set things aright and no one will again dare to question your goodness or ever again ask, “how can a good and loving God allow X?” You alone can vindicate your name and you will display your glory fully then. For now, we see you most fully and beautifully at the cross; the one place on earth that was most painful and beautiful to see. Amen.

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