Is Church planting just a trend?

My friend, Matthew Wireman, has a post about the trendiness of church planting. He mentions his friend who had bought into the idea of church planting only to later retract his enthusiasm for it. Is it just a trend?

My response…

Yeah, I’m gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you on that one. I assume, given our conversation a week ago, that I would be one of those guys who are hopping on the bandwagon. The logical argument of your friend is a bit off: just because something is “trendy” or catching on doesn’t mean that its merits are unfounded.

Having spent several years in campus ministry, I have become convinced that churches need to do the work of reaching the young generations. Churches cannot afford to outsource the job. Yet at the same time, churches are too protectionistic to modify their approaches to ministry to hit the moving target of this generation.

Church plants have no such limitations. Honestly, how many churches do you know that are willing to make radical methodological changes in their ministries to reach the so-called emerging generations?

Divisive scenario play out in countless churches across America all the time because of the inevitable friction between the purists and the evangelists. I don’t think it needs to be either/or. We need to support church planters with training and accountability and money. This is, IMHO, a great strategy to reach the lost. The apostle Paul seemed to like the idea, too.

  1. Sure it is trendy but this doesn’t change the Biblical imperative to do it. Just because of a bunch of ill-advised and ill-prepared greenhorns are rushing into church planting only to be smacked in the forhead by cold reality and senting running home to mama, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be sending the right folks out.

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