The benefits of blogging

Timmy Brister posted a quote on his blog from David Alan Black about the benefits of blogging. Black makes some very helpful comments and encourages blogging because of the potential to disseminate information very quickly. Frequent posting sometimes can lead to quick, unreflected and unthoughtful remarks, which are posted to the world. But this need not be. The greatest power of blogging is also its greatest vulnerability, but rather than avoiding it, we should embrace it with wisdom. The potential for sin does not make something inherently problematic. This is the same old protectionist philosophy applied to new mediums. So, blog on, bloggers! But be careful, too.

  1. You blog, I blog, and now we blog on our weblogs!

    I just started today. I think it was unthoughtful and quickly posted. I will embrace and spend more time on it when I’m not at work.

    I did enjoy my first blogging experience. Although, I feel very vulnerable now…..very…..

  2. Do you think some of the resistance against blogging comes from our tendency to locate sin outside of ourselves rather than within our own hearts (the blog is the problem, not me!)? Is the issue really blogs/internet, or is the issue how we relate to and use these things?

    Didn’t someone say the same thing about the printing press once?

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