Fred Thompson: Is He the Real Deal?

Fred ThompsonThe Republican Party needs a savior. And I’m not talking about Fred Thompson.

The internet has been abuzz lately about the long overdue announcement of Fred Thompson for president. At the very least, he is a solid, Reagenite conservative who actually has a chance of winning. Guiliani is too liberal. Romney is too Mormon. McCain is too McCain. Then there’s all the other guys who may have some merits but no recognizable name or legacy.

Enter Fred Thompson. On the issues, he looks like a good guy and only a well fought campaign will reveal if he has the stomach for the job.

I think he does, and I look forward to seeing his campaign. But I don’t think he’s the savior of the Republican Party. Ever since Roe vs. Wade, pro-life Americans have watched in horror as American political discourse has descended into a rhetorical abyss. They joined the Republican surge with Ronald Reagen and then the first George Bush, only to see little progress politically. The election of George W. Bush has yielded a little success with the appointment of strict constructionist judges, and the pass of the ban on Partial Birth Abortion, but much work is yet to be done.

Fred Thompson appears to be a solid conservative, but our hope needs to be in the Kingdom of God and not in the United States of America. We should be engaged politically and seek to advance our ideas in government, but government is not our savior. I think the Republicans got a taste of the depravity that exists in that party when they held all three branches of government simultaneously.

Now that Fred is going to officially announce his candidacy and conservatives have a (hopefully) viable candidate, it is very important now, as much as any other time, to make sure our hope is in the coming King and not the next President-elect.

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