I Got My Money’s Worth

The Acts 29 boot camp gave me what I paid for. I went there hoping to be told about (1) Me and (2) my aim to plant a church in Cincinnati.

God used them to provide me with both.

First, the assessment process was terrific and the assessors were very gracious and warm. The bottom line is this: they see a lot of potential in me but also some specific areas that I need to work on. This sucks, because I hate being told stuff like that. The good part is they think that I have a good grasp of the gospel and how it relates to all aspects of life. The bad part is that I haven’t applied it to my own life. I tend to find my acceptance needs through the approval of others, and this was evident to the assessors through the interview and preliminary application materials. I need to spend some time developing areas particularly pertaining to the ability to take criticism. Pastors get blamed for everything and need to be tough enough to handle all that they get pinned for. I need to diligently focus on applying the truths of the gospel to my own life and allowing Him to be my strength and not looking to others. Ouch.

Second, I am getting into this a bit early, since I wouldn’t even be in a position to move to Cincinnati until next summer. That’s at least 8 or 9 months away plus the time it takes to develop a core group.

So I’ve got the next several months to work on areas of sin in my life and prepare for what lies ahead. I remain as convinced as ever, perhaps even more so, that God’s calling on my life is church planting. I need to be willing to yield to the Lord’s timing and priorities in my plans and my own heart.

  1. Since I don’t consider you a stranger, it is interesting to read what the ‘professionals’ assessed. While letting this sink in – may God bless.

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