Fred Thompson: Is He the Real Deal?

The Republican Party needs a savior. And I’m not talking about Fred Thompson. The internet has been abuzz lately about the long overdue announcement of Fred Thompson for president. At the very least, he is a solid, Reagenite conservative who actually has a chance of winning. Guiliani is too liberal. Romney is too Mormon. McCain is too McCain. Then there’s all the other guys who may have some merits but no recognizable name or legacy. Enter Fred Thompson. On the issues, he looks like a good guy and only a well fought campaign will reveal if he has the stomach for the job. I think he does, and I look forward to seeing his campaign. But I don’t think he’s the savior of the Republican Party.

Labor Day thoughts on the Doctrine of Work

Matt Harmon has some excellent insights on the doctrine of work in commemoration of labor day. His post is noteworthy so I’m quoting it at length here. Here in the United States many people regard work as something to be avoided or endured until the next opportunity for recreation. This attitude has resulted in an unbiblical view of retirement as a time to indulge oneself with a life of comfort and leisure. Sadly, such flawed views of work have infiltrated the church, where many have the same view of work that our culture does. So what then does a biblical understanding of work entail? A blog entry is no place for a fully developed treatment, so all I can offer here are a series of claims about the biblical nature of work that I regard as essential. 1. God created Adam and Eve to work in the Garden (Gen 2:15).…

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My final reflections on the 10 communication myths (part II)

5. Pentecost triggers the redemption of language. In Acts 2, we witness the great redemption of speech. The effects of Babylon are unraveled: what was scattered speech at Babel became unified speech in Acts. The Pentecost event signals that the Kingdom of God is advancing on enemy territory and the Gentiles will now be invited into the people of God. The final revelation of God, His highest form of communication has come in Jesus Christ. Thus, Pentecost triggers the Great Commission.