Huckabee Leads in Iowa

After securing an endorsement from Chuck Norris, Mike Huckabee is leading Mitt Romney in Iowa. I like him, but I’m a little nervous about some of the criticism leveled against him, particularly Thompson’s charge that he’s a pro-life liberal Republican. GWB is also a social conservative, and a tax-cutter, but many of his other policies were dubious, such as the immigration bill (which died), the campaign-finance reform bill (which lived), and a big spender. We need someone who will not only cut taxes, but cut spending.

I liked Romney in last night’s debate as well, but my fears about him are totally different. A Romney presidency would unquestionably add legitimacy to a heretical cult (Mormonism) which would damage the Christian faith in America. Mormonism is a rapidly growing sect worldwide: you can see their Geek Squad outfits as far away as Argentina. I’m not sure how to say “Elder” in Spanish, though. If we end up with a President Romney, we are getting much more than we paid for. We are getting a mainstream, legitimized cult which is now regarded as a laughing-stock religion by any common sense evangelical.

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