Happy Birthday Jesus

Happy Birthday, Jesus. I know that this isn’t your real birthday, because you are uncreated, eternal, and you were unendingly satisfied in perfect union with Father and Spirit before that Christmas morning some 2000 years ago. But I can still say happy birthday to you because you saw fit to lower yourself and become one of us. You performed the most unthinkable miracle possible: you took all the prerogatives of deity and majesty, being fully divine and exalted in your glory, and, molecule by molecule, cell by cell, DNA strand by DNA strand, mysteriously encoded the very life of God into a forming embryo. Although you cannot change, you grew. Your tiny body developed until viability, for you could not have even survived apart from your mother’s nourishing presence. How ironic! You formed Mary in her mother’s womb, and yet her womb formed you. And at just the right time, you entered this world, crying and naked, cold and hungry, and somehow, confused and helpless like all babies yet all at once sustaining the universe with your powerful hand. How can these things be? I don’t know, but I believe. Thank you for this glorious gift. Happy Birthday. 

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