Democrats Dump Hillary–many thanks!

Bill Kristol offers a sincere word of thanks to the Iowan Democrats who successfully labored to put an end to the Clinton era of politics. I’m no liberal. But one thing that matters to me, more than necessarily a listing of policy preferences, is character. Yesterday, I posted a link to an MSNBC interactive tool to better get acquainted with the candidates. Unfortunately, these sorts of tools do not measure character. All we have to go by here is a few external evidences and gut intuition.

How to Know if You’re Called Into Ministry

I recently pulled an old journal off of my shelf from about 10 years ago. Some of the notes were from a Campus Crusade for Christ Christmas conference where Dan Hayes (author of Fireseeds of Spiritual Awakening) was a main speaker. But during that time, I was wrestling with whether or not I was called by God into full time ministry. Dan gave a breakout session that was specifically geared towards answering this question. I think his insights were right on the money, so I decided to pass them along to the teeming throngs of devoted “Everything is Backwards” readers. He sums it up in four steps. If you are called by God into ministry, you will at least experience all of the following. 1. You develop an increased awareness that the deepest needs of mankind can only be met by God through Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, one does not have…

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Interactive Webpage for Candidates

MSNBC, for all of its flaws and failures, usually does pretty good in the interactive web-page department. They have a good way to evaluate each candidate here. They were light years ahead in 2004, providing a good way to take a look at each candidate without sifting through numerous news stories and countless blog posts. Each candidate is summarized on the issues, allowing a side-by-side comparison and even a video clip on that particular issue.