Cincinnati Metro Now Ohio’s Largest Metropolitan Region

Recent census data has revealed that the 7 county Cincinnati metro has surpassed Cleveland in terms of overall population, clocking in a 2,133,678 people. We’re getting ready to add to that number this summer. The region gained 12,550 people, compared to Cleveland’s decline of 8808.

This is very exciting news for us, because growing population centers bode well for new churches as people moving into an area are in flux; churches provide stability and relationships.

We have also been studying intently two areas of need in Cincinnati: the west end and more recently Mt. Auburn. From what can be gathered from zipskinny, the west end is about 80% or more African American with great concentrations of poverty. Mt. Auburn is a little more diverse, with about a 50/50 ratio of black to white and greater diversity of economic factors. Mt. Auburn is much more dense and has about 5 times the population of the west end.

About half of the west end is below the poverty line, about a third of Mt. Auburn is. This economic diversity could change the dynamics of ministry in the Mt. Auburn area, because the wealthier people have resources available to invest in their communities.

I’m hoping to travel again to Cincinnati this week to investigate further. I’ll keep you posted…

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