Obama’s Extreme Position on Abortion

Justin Taylor gives an overall summary of Barack Obama’s position on abortion, particularly noting the charge making the rounds that he supports infanticide. Jeremy Pierce also weighs in. By God’s grace may the day come when abortion is considered as unthinkable as slavery or racism or the halocaust. But if or when that day comes, all evidence suggests that Obama will not be on the side of the unborn.

Worship Leadership Series (part three): Moses the Rock Star

In my last post in this series, I argued that Paul urges in Ephesians to use singing as an instrument of instruction in the church. But this started way before in the days of Moses. The book of Deuteronomy is a covenant between God and Israel. It was written by Moses as the children of God were about to enter Canaan to possess the land He had given them. The covenant stipulates that if they obey God and the terms of the covenant in the land they were about to possess, he would bless them abundantly. If they did not obey, they would suffer divine wrath. Pretty straightforward, isn’t it? The problem, however, was that every generation would need new motivation to obey the law. Sure, mom and dad may obey just fine. Getting their teenage kids to follow God is a totally different animal. As the generations pass, how…

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Some Cool News Clippings for Cincinnati

I’ve posted some negative news about Cincinnati recently here where Cincinnati ranks quite high in murder and lust. Perhaps some good news is in order. Here’s a few niceties that I’ve stumbled across recently. 1. Cincinnati is the best walking City in OH and the 10th best in the country. 2. Cincinnati is a tier one city for its number of new and expanded facilities according to Site Selection. 3. The Over-the-Rhine neighborhood is rapidly changing from 2001 riot headquarters to trendy and chic. 4. Cincinnati is home to 10 Fortune 500 companies, topping Indianapolis, Columbus and Akron. It has more of such companies per capita than NYC, Chicago and LA.

What to Call Hyphenated-Americans

This oped in the NY Times reveals that the term “African-American” is not a one size fits all category for those who are “black.” The problem is that it is self-segregating based on physical characteristics, not ideology or something more substantial. Beyond this, it isn’t accurate. Let me demonstrate. Pop quiz: How many African Americans are in Dave Matthews Band? Look closely. Answer: there are 5 members in the band. There are two white guys. And there are four African Americans. How is this possible? Dave (2nd from the right) is from South Africa, making him both white and African American. Alan Keyes argues that the label “African-American” only belongs to those who are descended from African slaves. But this does not do justice to African Blacks of non-slavery descent. Unfortunately, any politically correct term can develop pejorative uses over time, creating the ever present cycle of new politically correct…

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