Obama’s Extreme Position on Abortion

Justin Taylor gives an overall summary of Barack Obama’s position on abortion, particularly noting the charge making the rounds that he supports infanticide. Jeremy Pierce also weighs in. By God’s grace may the day come when abortion is considered as unthinkable as slavery or racism or the halocaust. But if or when that day comes, […]

Some Cool News Clippings for Cincinnati

I’ve posted some negative news about Cincinnati recently here where Cincinnati ranks quite high in murder and lust. Perhaps some good news is in order. Here’s a few niceties that I’ve stumbled across recently. 1. Cincinnati is the best walking City in OH and the 10th best in the country. 2. Cincinnati is a tier […]

What to Call Hyphenated-Americans

This oped in the NY Times reveals that the term “African-American” is not a one size fits all category for those who are “black.” The problem is that it is self-segregating based on physical characteristics, not ideology or something more substantial. Beyond this, it isn’t accurate. Let me demonstrate. Pop quiz: How many African Americans […]