The World Needs Strong Men

Nancy Gibbs published this article in Time Magazine called “Affirmative Action for Boys.” She ackowledges the problems that college admissions departments face in trying to maintain a balanced boy/girl ratio in their freshmen classes. In an effort to achieve this, some “colleges are quietly stripping the pastels from brochures and launching Xbox tournaments to try to close the gap in the quality and quantity of boys applying.”

The unintended and unfortunate consequence of progress regarding women in society has led to men more and more finding themselves somewhat useless and unmotivated.

  1. When girls were behind boys in almost every measure of educational achievement, we said there’s a problem with the schools. But now that boys have fallen behind girls, we say there’s a problem with the boys. People who suggest this latest gender gap requires attention, just like the last one did, are painted as somehow opposing female empowerment.

    Reverse the genders and imagine the outcry if Ms. Gibbs had written, “I wonder if there’s a price [girls] pay for the ‘soft bigotry of low expectations.'”

    Attributing the education gender gap to some male-wide deficiency borders on misandry. Why is it so difficult to believe that the same sorts of constricting gender stereotypes that held girls back for so long now may be hurting boys in different ways? And why are people such as Ms. Gibbs so reluctant to acknowledge that when either gender falls behind, it’s a problem for all of us?

  2. contrast. all it’s doing is making the contrast that much more stark between 30 year old boys and men.

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