Real Man Candidate #2: The Euro-Man

Man Candidate #2: The Euro-man


Specimen: David Beckham

His case:

1. He’s British, so he’s got a cooler accent than you.

2. He can “bend it.”

3. He sports the combo blow-hawk (bleached faux hawk).

4. He’s richer than you.

5. He plays football (in the USA, we refer to this as “soccer”). Euro-men prefer sports of sophistication and dignity. In other words, if its European, its cool.

Summary: David Beckham is the quintessential Hollywood image of pure and undefiled masculinity. This brand of manhood exudes a powerful image: money, sex, athletic prowess, European sophistication, style, and trans-Atlantic condescension. He gets paid $250 million dollars to show America how Euro-men roll.

  1. I think I preferred your Jim E. entry, Michael. Yes, Beckham may be all (some?) of the above, but you have failed to highlight some of his ‘faults’ that for many Christian women (American or otherwise) make him VERY undesireable. First of all, he has a girl’s voice. He may look good, but when he opens his mouth to speak, it’s like he’s stuck in the voice cracking stage of puberty. A girlie voice throws nearly every cool man-trait out the window. Secondly, yes, he can play football well, but he talent is very limited to mid-field and therefore not an all-round versatile player. Poor investment in my opinion. What’s left? Looks and money. Any smart Christian woman will know that neither counts towards an awesome godly persona, and both can get you into major trouble. Why would I want a male role-model whose half-naked image is plastered up on nearly every teenage girl’s bedroom wall? And money, can’t take it with you so why lust after it now? In summary, Beckham is sooooo not my role-model.

  2. Shelly!!!

    Great to hear from you. Don’t you think that his blow-hawk is enough to overcome a high-pitched voice? Well, you should know. You’re an adopted Brit after all. Good to hear from you! God bless…

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