Personal Updates

I don’t like using this blog for personal updates, but I have a couple of updates worth publishing.

First: Our house is now under contract. We’re praying that there aren’t any problems with this and everything will go smoothly through the process.

We’re set to close on June the 27th, which means that we will be moving to Cincinnati at that time.

Second: We’re having another baby boy! Laura was convinced it was a girl all along, but I thought it was a boy. Reese is very disappointed.

You can track with our family and kids stuff at Laura’s blog.

  1. Great to hear. We’ll be praying everything goes smoothly.

    Are you looking at an apartment for the short term once you get to Cinci or are you going straight to a house/condo?

  2. Ryan

    We are putting in an offer on a townhouse today in Mt. Auburn. This house seems like a great fit for us so we’re going to go for it.

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