Goodbye, Louisville

Everything I own has been packed into boxes and will soon be crammed into a U-haul truck. Crazy! After spending the last 5 years of our lives in Louisville, we are leaving this wonderful city and headed for Cincinnati this Friday. These are bittersweet feelings, because we love it here, but we are totally certain that we are going where God wants us to be. Pictured here is our new house in Cincinnati, which is a townhouse. There are 7 other doors just like this one that we will share under one roof. Yesterday, Laura and I drove there with our kids to let them see where they will be living, and we got to meet a couple of new neighbors, which made the whole thing seem so much more real. City living will be a big adjustment, because we no longer have our own fenced in yard, and I…

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“Jesus is under my blanket.”

My daughter, who is 3 years old, starting crying during her nap. I went in her bedroom to check on her and to see what was wrong. “I need Jesus,” she told me. I was intrigued by this newfound theological insight from a 3 year old. We have been telling her over the last few weeks that she has sin in her heart and she needs Jesus, but I wasn’t expecting the moment to come this soon. “Where is he?” I asked her. “Jesus is under my blanket.” Perhaps she experienced a holy ghost baptism or something and saw a vision. I probed further. “What does he look like?” “I dunno. He’s under my blanket.” This time I pulled her blankets and, sure enough, out dropped a tiny Veggie Tale character from the Christmas nativity set. This was the Veggie version of baby Jesus that was so tiny she lost…

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Help me name a new church!

I have compiled a list of potential church names and I need your feedback. Please choose up to three different names that you like best. Here’s a few things to keep in mind: 1. This will be an “urban” type church in downtown Cincinnati. 2. This will be a church that focuses on racial unity. 3. This church will try to reach college students. 4. This church will try to reach professionals. 5. This church will try to reach the poor. 6. This church will be a Gospel-centered church. Ok. Tell me what you think! Please leave any additional church name ideas in the comments section or anything else you think. [poll id=”2″]