Help me name a new church!

I have compiled a list of potential church names and I need your feedback. Please choose up to three different names that you like best. Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

1. This will be an “urban” type church in downtown Cincinnati.

2. This will be a church that focuses on racial unity.

3. This church will try to reach college students.

4. This church will try to reach professionals.

5. This church will try to reach the poor.

6. This church will be a Gospel-centered church.

Ok. Tell me what you think! Please leave any additional church name ideas in the comments section or anything else you think.

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  1. I voted the One City Church ’cause you are trying to create a place for every-one (student, professional, poor, etc) to find a place to worship the One God. If nothing else, one means unique…

  2. how exciting to think of naming a new church. i voted for “city of refuge” because i love the definition of refuge, all 3, provided by webster:
    1 : shelter or protection from danger or distress 2 : a place that provides shelter or protection 3 : something to which one has recourse in difficulty

    it seems like each of these fits with what the goal of your church seeks to do, provide a community that combines the divided of society, with the unifying factor that we’re all looking for “shelter” and “protection” from danger (physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, society, even made up dangers). and the 3rd definition is wonderful too, recourse in difficulty – ah that the church may be recourse for those outside the church [term used because of recent influence of the book unChristian in my life, to not refer to people by what they are not, or what they might not neccessarily be ie seekers, lost, unsaved]!

    i’ll be interested to know what you decide.

  3. Kelly– thanks for voting. Its been interesting to get everyone’s opinion about this. I really like “City of Refuge” as well. This is a tough decision because, hopefully, this church will live longer than I will and so it needs a good name!

    I hope things are going well for you in SK. God bless!

  4. how about “our mother of perpetual sorrows”. it’s uplifting and easy to say…

    i like the city of refuge as well.

  5. hey man… i’m a snooper here… i’m a guy who’s been in ministry for a few years and i am looking to move back to ohio, and that is how i stumbled across your blog and whatnot.

    anyhoo… i know of a guy who started a church and he decided to not name the church himself from the start, but he chose to begin to gather a community and let the name (and some of the mission and vision and core values) flow up and out of the nascent community. i think this is a brilliant idea and so i thought i’d share. all the LORD’s best as you seek to serve.

  6. What about something with the term “Mosaic” in it? It seems to fit the description of what your church will be in the sense that just as mosaics require many different types and colors of pieces to create something beautiful, the Body of Christ also, to be complete, requires people of all different types. What do ya think?

  7. Great idea. I’ve thought about that before but there are two problems. There’s already a “Mosaic” named church in Cincinnati. Second, the term “Mosaic” can take on a meaning of its own, sort of like “Emerging.” Mosaic is becoming more of a proper name for churches that have certain characteristics. Since I’m not sure of what this may involve in the future, I’ve been hesitant to embrace it.

    That said, its a cool sounding name that communicates what we desire. Tough call….

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