Hello, Cincinnati

The view from our living room

As of today, we have been residents of Cincinnati for one week. We live about a block from a hospital, which is great if we have an emergency, but not so great when ambulances decide to scream into the ER at 2 am every night.

This pic is the view from our living room. The house on the left is an inner city ministry called “City Cure.” Their president has agreed to help me learn about inner city ministry. The group of buildings looming just above the City Cure roofline is Christ Hospital. They like to wake us up at night.

God has been graciously connecting us with other awesome believers in town, whom I hope will show me around and help me to understand Cincinnati better. I met John a few days ago, who found me by reading this blog. We had coffee and spent a few hours together, talking about ministry, the church, and how to be an effective witness in Cincinnati. John is one of those shave-your-head-and-grow-a-beard types, kind of like Andy Mckee, which goes a long way if you want to intimidate someone. But this guy loves Jesus and doesn’t want to waste his life (thanks, Piper). Fun dude.

I definitely have a great deal to learn and can’t wait to get started.

The move here was quite an adventure. Our front lawn in Louisville was filled with our furniture and other things, getting loaded into our moving truck, when it started raining. The fine fellows who helped us move everything out there was kind enough to move everything back into our living room, only to move them back out again once the rain stopped.

We prayed for the rain to stop. Evidently, we experienced only a light drizzle compared to the other parts of the city, which had bucket sized drops of rain dumped on them. This was an answer to prayer for sure.

Fortunately, a friendly team of local Cincinnatians helped us move in from the soon to be renamed Seven Hills Church (changing their name to Grassroots Community Church; I dig it!), Centerpoint Community Church, and others.

I haven’t had much time to tour the town yet, but I have met many of my new neighbors and some other locals. My next step is to try to immerse myself in the local culture, meet a million new people, try to make some new friends, and wear a sandwich board and tell people they’re going to hell or something.

  1. Love the look of your new place. Awesome!! Can’t wait to see more pictures and hear more about it as you guys settle in!

  2. So glad you are doing well and settling in. your view from your window does look neat. I hope that laura and the kids are doing well. i am so glad that there were people there to help you move in to your home, as well! I pray that you meet tons of people and meet lots of friends! how encouraging that you are meeting many believers and that the building right next to your home is an inner city ministry! Praise God!

  3. I’m making the big move from western NY in a little over a week to the Maineville area to plant with Paul Peterson. It’s awesome what you’re doing!! Hope to connect in ministry when we get down there!

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