OK, I live here. What now?

Things have been crazy for us! We are trying to get settled in to our new home and get everything unpacked and put in the right place. Our basement couch wouldn’t fit in the basement, our desk wouldn’t fit up the stairs, and so we’ve had to perform a total furniture reorientation.

Next week I have a team of young people from Georgia coming to Cincinnati to help me do pretty much whatever I tell them to do to help me get a church going. They will spend the week doing survey work and “decoding,” which pretty much means learning everything they can to help me become more of a Cincinnati insider.

Priority one is to locate and develop a core group. I’m not a lone ranger. But since God didn’t send me here with a team, I have to trust him to provide the team for me here.

So my first step is to try to meet with as many people as possible over the next couple of months and share with them the vision for this new church and challenge them to be a part of a core group. At the same time, I want to be sharing my faith with neighbors and other people I meet along the way as well, and trying to make friends in the city.

The second step will be to gather the people together that seem interested into some type of a core group. We can dream together about the needs of the city and how to best bring the gospel to bear on those needs. Hopefully, the core group will continue to grow as the core group networks with their friends and so forth. We will meet monthly to discuss what a church is and probably work through a book together on understanding racial issues.

Before we can start hosting people in our home, however, we need to finish getting the house ready. I think I’ll get back to work on that right now.

  1. Hey, Michael. Don’t know if you remember my husband, Larry, and I. We met you at a Grassroots meeting a couple months ago. Just wanted you to know we continue to pray for you, your family and your new church home here in Cincinnati.

  2. Michael,

    Hey it is awesome what you are planning on doing there in Cincinatti!

    I have been involved in urban church planting for about 5 years now and love it. I feel the Lord is leading me and my family in a different direction now as far as churches go. I really want to assist in an urban church plant from the ground up one more time before I plant on my own.

    It seems as we have similar hearts to see the church reflect what it will look like in heaven. I have a burden for urban multi-ethnic churches and seeing them planted in the urban areas across our country.

    So wanted to see if we could connect sometime so I could hear more about your vision and heart. I am actually going to be down there in Cincinatti this weekend. Could you meet on Saturday pm or Sunday?

    Ben Kunkel

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