Spiritual Warfare

Laura and I have now been living in Cincinnati for over a month. When we first set out to move here, I had two assumptions.

First, ministry is going to be difficult and we will likely face opposition.

Second, God has given me a great wife and family and our home would be a place of sanctuary and rest.

Ironically, Satan has reversed these assumptions and attacked my strongholds. We have yet to close on our house here, meaning that we are living here but not allowed to really settle in and make it our home. Our mortgage company has been uncomfortable with the fact that our income is from support, thereby increasing the paperwork and difficulty in completing this loan. This has caused incredible frustration and stress because we can’t really settle in, which, in turn, has caused a great burden on our family and marriage. It doesn’t sound like a big deal when I type out this paragraph, but it has been some of the most difficult weeks I can recall.

But the area where we expected the most trouble has been going very well. We have been greeted with open arms by many people in the community and everyone we talk to seems geniuinely excited about our vision for starting a church in this city. God has even blessed us by providing some friends who have a similar desire for Cincinnati, like this guy, and we are working together at building this church.

Its been awesome to network with people in the city and discover just how many people want to see a thriving downtown church plant.

So Satan has conceded the progress of the church for now and gone after our home. We are now praying that our closing on our house will be complete in the next 2 weeks so we can finally make this house a home and start using it for ministry.

  1. Michael,

    we are praying for you and will stand with you.

    Know this, even if you don’t close on your house… the mission is not in jeopardy as long as you follow the Leader!

    On a practical note, we are renting for the time being. One reason for this is the very issue you are encountering.

    Let me know if we can be of service to you man… even if it means living in the garage of our rented house! 😉

  2. There are blind spots in cars… and there are also a few in our lives… Please keep looking over my shoulder, and in the same way I will let you know when it’s safe to get over… so greatful to have you here!

  3. What’s a missionary venture without a little (or a lot ) of resistance?
    You only draw fire when you step into the battlefield. Sounds like you have officially joined all of us who are in the trenches for Cincinnati! I’m glad to share the work with a brother such as yourself! If you need any help drop us a line!

  4. Michael

    Thanks for the encouragement, bro. We are learning to trust God and be faithful when challenged. Just knowing that there are friends in town means a ton to us!

  5. Wow, I can say “I knew him when…”

    Hey man, it’s been too long. Sorry to hear about the crappy housing situation. I’ll spare you from any bumper-sticker cliche-filled advice. Instead I will pray.

    So I’m intrigued with your situation in Cincy and will read your blog to keep up with things.

    I want to include you in a small group of guys I really admire in order to ask you some questions about the gospel a few times throughout the year. What’s the email address that you actually check more than once a month? Shoot me an email at my uscm acct, OK?


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