Communities of Grace vs. Communities of Performance

Tim Chester posted about different types of church communities and how the ethos of the group affects individuals.

Communities of Performance

  • People talk about grace, but communicate legalism
  • Unbelievers can’t imagine themselves as Christians
  • Drive away broken people
  • The world is seen as threatening and ‘other’
  • Conversion is superficial—people are called to respectable behavior
  • People are secretly hurting
  • People see faith and repentance as actions that took place at conversion
  • The gospel is for unbelievers

Communities of Grace

  • People can see grace in action
  • Unbelievers feel like they can belong
  • Attract broken people
  • People are loved as fellow sinners in need of grace
  • Conversion is radical—people are called to transformed affections
  • People are open about their problems
  • People see faith and repentance as daily activities
  • The gospel is for both unbelievers and believers
  1. “The gospel is for both unbelievers and believers”

    This is one that God has opened my eyes to within the past year and a half. As Christians we can NEVER be over the Gospel. It’s not the intro class to Christian life, it IS the Christian life. Once we start seeing things outside the lens of God’s making all things right we miss the point and become Pharisees.

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