Baptism Song: “Water Free”

I wrote and recorded this song with my band, Sign of Jonah, back in 1997. Since we are doing baptism at Christ the King Church tomorrow, I remembered this song and decided to post it here.

Water Free

Water Free

All of my friends gather closely

As we celebrate life and death and resurrection

We join hands to thank, the executioner

A close circle all around

Yes, I love them dearly

And all this time I keep thinking about

What will it be like when its done

I keep thinking about

The resurrection


May we never forget

His sacrifice,

But God forbid we ignore

That Jesus is still alive

I open my eyes for a moment

While bright sparkles of sun

Tickle my face

And I smile momentarily

I could stay here forever

Never let me emerge

The warm light refracts

Through the waves of life rushing over my face

Oh, such beautiful death

So warm, so calm but….

But I need to breathe

And all this time I keep thinking about

Those watery depths a part of me will stay here

Buried alive

But suddenly I rise from the river

My body drenched, drenched with symbolism

And I’ve been, I’ve been put to death

And I’ve been, I’ve been resurrected

And I shout hallelujah, my hands raised to the sky

And I shout, glory to Jesus, with my heart open wide

And the death that enslaved me just floated downstream

And Jesus rescued, he rescued me, oh he set me free!

Copyright 1997, Lemon Tree Productions, Words and Music by dmichaelclary

  1. bro. a close circle, indeed. i still love my brothers dearly. always will.

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