Advice for Young Pastors

This post from Kevin DeYoung lists 45 nuggets of wisdom for young pastors and theology students. If you’re a young pastor, a theology student, or someone who cares about the character of pastors, you’ll enjoy this post. Part One. Part Two.

The Gospel and Social Justice

Here is a very interesting video series where Mark Dever and Jim Wallis discuss the relationship between the gospel and social justice. The staff at my church has been wrestling through ways to practically live out the reconciling message of the gospel in our neighborhood. Part One deals with racial reconciliation in the local church. HT: Timmy Brister.

CNN Identifies “Fake” Christianity

A recent article on CNN identifies what they call “fake” Christianity and describes it as a “watered-down faith that portrays God as a ‘divine therapist’ whose chief goal is to boost people’s self-esteem.” This brand of Christianity is very common in today’s churches, especially those geared towards attracting young people. But instead of attracting them, these churches end up repelling young people. Read the whole thing here.

What Kind of Man Do You Want to Be?

Every man needs to watch this video. The takeaway idea for me is this: I don’t want there to be another man who has a bigger dream for God’s work in my city than me. Watch it and see what I mean.

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Regarding Freedom in Christ

Read the whole thing here. 1. Am I fully persuaded that a course of action is right? 2. Can I do it as though I were doing it for God? 3. Would following a course of action be a stumbling block to other Christians? 4. Does this course of action promote peace? 5. Does this course of action edify others? 6. Is this course of action profitable? 7. Does this course of action enslave me? 8. Does this course of action bring glory to God?