Thirteen Ways to Diagnose Fear of Man

In last Sunday’s sermon, we talked about thirteen different ways to identify Fear of Man in your life. I drew heavily upon this list and also added some of my own.

#1. You frequently think about what other people are thinking about you.

#2. You long to be noticed more than you long to be godly.

#3. You get angry if you are ever publicly contradicted.

#4. You flatter other people with words in order to be liked by them.

#5. You rarely confront sin in others directly.

#6. You think about what’s politically correct more than what’s biblically correct.

#7. You love to cite your own accomplishments.

#8. You have a hard time saying what you really think, which prevents you from getting close to people.

#9. You prematurely terminate conflicts by yielding, withdrawing, or changing the subject.

#10. You frequently put yourself down in order to get other people to give you encouragement.

#11. You have a hard time saying “no” even when you should.

#12. You  fear that conflict in a relationship signals that the relationship is ending.

#13. You use texting or email as a preferred means of confrontation.

These are all indicators that some degree of Fear of Man is going on in your life.

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