Another voice

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I started this blog about 8 years ago in 2006 while I was in seminary and working for CRU at the University of Louisville. When you’re in a ministry vortex like that, you’ve got a lot of thoughts and opinions that need to get worked out and this blog was my venue.

But then, four children and a church plant happened. Life got crazy and blogging took a back burner for a long time. Since then, many other gifted writers, pastors, and theologians have started excellent blogs and I didn’t sense a burning need to add anything to the online discussions. There were simply too many other more pressing priorities that demanded my attention.

Recently, however, I have sensed a desire to publish my thoughts on theology, church ministry, and current events from time to time because God has given me a platform as a pastor and ministry leader in Cincinnati. Sometimes ideas presented in sermons need further development and this will be the venue for that.

So welcome back to this blog, it’s been a while. But hopefully adding another voice will be fruitful and not simply be more noise.

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