Bible Reading Plans for 2015

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I presented a simple Life Planning Tool in a previous post. As the calendar turns over to another year, this is a great opportunity to evaluate your life’s priorities and make some changes. Many decide to read through the Bible starting in January, and there are plenty of tools to help you do this.

For many people, the thought of reading through the Bible is daunting and seems like it would take forever. But it can be much more easily done by breaking it up into readable chunks and reading for a few minutes per day. According to the graphic, it only takes about 70 hours and 40 minutes to read the Bible at “pulpit rate.” With a good plan, this can be done in a year.

Here are my two favorite tools that I have used to help me keep track.

1. Discipleship Journal printable plans. If you’re old school and like to use paper and bookmarks, this is the way to go. Several plans are available here to print out. You can fold the paper up and use it as a bookmark and check the box for each chapter that you read.

2. Youversion Bible App. With this app you can choose from several Bible reading plans and the app keeps track of your progress. It also has the option to listen to audio recordings of deep-voiced dudes reading the Bible to you. Sadly, there’s no Morgan Freeman option.

For me, I’ve decided that I’m going Amish with my Bible reading this year. I have found that using an app simply introduces too many distractions. When I sit down in the morning to read the Bible, holding an iPad in my hand tempts me to check sports scores, read blogs and news, and play a few words in Words With Friends before I ever open the Bible app. My focus this year will be reading from my ESV Study Bible and using a paper study plan that I’ll check off everyday. This will hopefully help me keep focused and on track in 2015.


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