About Me

God saved me at a young age, around the time I was in elementary school. I met my wife, Laura, on a summer missions trip with CRU. We got married in 1999 and spent the first few years of our marriage on staff with CRU at the University of Louisville, KY.

While in Louisville, I studied at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and earned an M. Div. in Christian Ministry while helping a friend plant a church as their worship leader. When I graduated seminary in 2008, Laura and I moved to Cincinnati to start a new church in the heart of the city. We had two children at the time and were pregnant with our third.

In January of 2010, we officially launched of Christ the King Church in the inner city. Our fourth child was born later that year. The mission of our church is to help people know, love, and obey Jesus as Lord over all of life.

Planting and pastoring CTK is my joy and passion. By God’s grace, I hope to see many more biblically faithful and gospel-centered churches planted from CTK throughout Cincinnati. We also helped plant a daughter/sister church, Christ the King Eastern Hills, which was launched in 2014.

I am a student of scripture and theology, an observer of culture, and my desire is to help people apply the gospel to every part of their lives. I am also passionate about biblical anthropology and sexuality.

In 2023, I started King’s Domain with my friend and co-worker, Wade Thomas. King’s Domain is a church based ministry that aims to resource Christians with biblical insight, cultural discernment, and practical wisdom needed to follow Christ in the modern world. King’s Domain is home to the Currently Reality Podcast (hosted by Wade and me), regular articles, a monthly resource digest, and an annual conference.

Beyond these things, I enjoy playing piano and guitar, hiking outdoors, and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation whenever I can.

You can read more of my personal history in this piece I wrote for American Reformer called “Scorning our Forefathers.”

I've recorded three albums since 1997 of all original music.
Wade (left) and me (right) in our studio getting ready to record an episode of the Current Reality Podcast.