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What happened to Jesus between Good Friday and Easter Sunday? Did Jesus go to hell? Psalm 24 gives answers. Let me explain. Canaanite pagan religion tells a story of how Baal became the greatest of all gods.

*This post was originally written in May of 2010. It is reposted here unedited from the original. In the heart of every leader is this inevitable dissatisfaction with the status quo which drives him to lead.

Here are ten scattered thoughts on The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill podcast by Mike Cosper of Christianity Today. 1. It’s really well done. The overall production value is good and story telling is excellent

I’ve been preaching through the book of Genesis at my church, and polygamy comes up in several of the stories without condemnation or even comment (see Gen 29:16-30, for example). Since I’m not

A strange feature of modern Christianity is its fixation on “tone.” Whenever someone speaks directly, without qualification or nuance, perhaps with a hint of sarcasm, the tone police quickly arrive

America’s racial problems have a long and ugly history. The 13th amendment ended slavery in 1865 and the Civil Rights Act ended Jim Crow laws in 1964, but the root causes of racism cannot be removed simply

I’ve been paying attention to the news my whole adult life. It was, I thought, the best way to keep up with important things going on in the world. But it wasn’t, and a 1999 book by C. John

The news that Rhett and Link had deconverted from Christianity came as a shock to those of us who knew them first as Christian missionaries with CRU. But those who knew them first as entertainers were shocked

Last night, I found out from an article posted on Facebook that two of my former colleagues in ministry, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neil, have abandoned the Christian faith. I used to work closely with Rhett