Bringing God Down

Today is Good Friday, which is the day where we celebrate the fact that Jesus died for his people. To some, this notion that Jesus needed to die for someone else’s sins may seem radically absurd. But John Stott wrote in The Cross of Christ that the cross reveals two things. First, the absolutely blinding […]

BVOTD #14: The Homeless Man is Your Boss

Backwards Verse of the Day: Luke 22:25-30 Since Jesus was going around announcing his Kingdom to everyone, the natural questions started to arise among his followers. Who will be the chief of staff? Who will be the Press Secretary? Communications Director? Secretary of State? Who will be VP? Its hard to run a kingdom alone […]

Happy Birthday Jesus

Happy Birthday, Jesus. I know that this isn’t your real birthday, because you are uncreated, eternal, and you were unendingly satisfied in perfect union with Father and Spirit before that Christmas morning some 2000 years ago. But I can still say happy birthday to you because you saw fit to lower yourself and become one […]

More on God’s Justice…

A.W. Tozer’s chapter in Knowledge of the Holy on the justice of God is so potent and powerful, yet so painfully brief! Yet here are a few observations. First, he says that justice is not a standard that exists above God and which God is required to obey. This would be to imply that God […]