The Economics of Waste

Wired magazine posted a feature article about how the economics of waste. The major premise is that the new internet/digital age has transformed certain goods and services by reducing their production costs to zero, or nearly zero. As a result, these products which are now so abundant and so cheap as to be disposable, can […]

Stick Figures Explain the Mortgage Mess

Uncle Sam is experiencing a housing crunch. Sucks to be me, I am getting ready to sell my own house. Be that as it may, one might be wondering, “how did we get in this position?” Great question. A hilarious depiction is shown in stick figures of the whole mess. [Disclaimer: lots of foul language […]

Definition of Retirement

Retirement has taken some shots from certain sectors of evangelical Christianity over the last decade or so, and for good reason. Many retirees use it as an opportunity to no longer produce for the good of society but rather leisurely set the cruise control to “almost dead” and hope for a peaceful transition to the […]

My Favorite Canadians and Other Helpful Insights

Our wintry, left-leaning neighbors to the north have graciously given the world a few incredible Christian scholars. I’ve never met a Canadian I didn’t like. I mean that. After befriending a few sandals-with-socks wearing brothers in Christ it seemed appropriate to give Canadians their due on this blog.  Here’s my favorite four Canadian scholars.

Reflections on my 33rd Birthday

Yesterday, according to Shire Reckoning, was Bilbo Baggins’ birthday. When he turned eleventy-one years old (111 for those of you who prefer regular numerals), he gave a very fine speech just before slipping on the One Ring and disappearing from sight before escaping from the Shire altogether. What a laugh. Today is my birthday. This […]

The benefits of blogging

Timmy Brister posted a quote on his blog from David Alan Black about the benefits of blogging. Black makes some very helpful comments and encourages blogging because of the potential to disseminate information very quickly. Frequent posting sometimes can lead to quick, unreflected and unthoughtful remarks, which are posted to the world. But this need […]