Baptism Song: “Water Free”

I wrote and recorded this song with my band, Sign of Jonah, back in 1997. Since we are doing baptism at Christ the King Church tomorrow, I remembered this song and decided to post it here. Water Free Water Free All of my friends gather closely As we celebrate life and death and resurrection We join hands to thank, the executioner A close circle all around Yes, I love them dearly And all this time I keep thinking about What will it be like when its done I keep thinking about The resurrection Chorus May we never forget His sacrifice, But God forbid we ignore That Jesus is still alive I open my eyes for a moment While bright sparkles of sun Tickle my face And I smile momentarily I could stay here forever Never let me emerge The warm light refracts Through the waves of life rushing over my…

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This is simply amazing.

What creative minds can achieve when working together. Stats: four months to build, two days to shoot, 3:54 to watch.

Why People Don’t Sing in Church

Jorge Sedaca, who is on staff at the North American Mission Board in church planting, posted an article recently about visiting churches and experiencing some thoughts on why people don’t sing in church. I’ve summarized his thoughts below, but the whole article is worth a read for those of you who are interested in engaging a congregation in corporate worship. It is interesting to note that he likes many of the songs that I can’t stand, but hey, to each his own. Here’s his observations of why people don’t sing in church: 1. The congregation is unfamiliar with the songs being used. 2. The use of too many new songs week after week. 3. The songs selected are not suitable for congregational singing. 4. The overall quality of the songs is very poor. Hey worship leaders, your congregations want to sing. If you ever find yourself looking out at a…

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