Interactive Webpage for Candidates

MSNBC, for all of its flaws and failures, usually does pretty good in the interactive web-page department. They have a good way to evaluate each candidate here. They were light years ahead in 2004, providing a good way to take a look at each candidate without sifting through numerous news stories and countless blog posts. Each candidate is summarized on the issues, allowing a side-by-side comparison and even a video clip on that particular issue.

Should a Christian vote for Mitt Romney?

Foxnews has a list of 21 questions and answers with a Mormon expert. The answers are clearly a cleverly crafted and calculated response in each case, offering ambiguous information and little detail. In fact, several questions received the exact same, word-for-word identical response. It is obvious that Mormons do not invite scrutiny, to put it mildly. I’ve made no secret of my unease with Mitt Romney. Not that he’s a bad candidate, or would even make a bad president. I generally favor his policies. But if Romney is a Christian as he claims, he must be held to the standard of Scripture. In 1 Corinthians 5, then, the criteria for church discipline is that someone “bears the name of brother,” but their lives and doctrine (I Tim 4:6) are contrary to the gospel.

Huck-a-blog, movies, and Cincinnati

This isn’t the Huck-a-blog, but since I first mentioned him two months ago on this blog, he’s now leading in Iowa as well as polling very well nationally. Political strategists who are adept at their jobs should begin courting me now to secure an endorsement, because if I can get Huckabee to national recognition by merely mentioning him on my blog, think about what a full blown endorsement would do? On another front, finals are over now and I can spend more time blogging in my pajamas with kids climbing all over me and trying to avoid spilling coffee on my laptop. Although blogging has been minimal, I have been reflecting a lot on many issues and will be doing posts in the coming days about: 1. Christianity and the 9 things you’ll see in every movie 2. Culturally defined masculinity 3. The OT and mercy ministries Finally, I’m off…

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Huckabee Leads in Iowa

After securing an endorsement from Chuck Norris, Mike Huckabee is leading Mitt Romney in Iowa. I like him, but I’m a little nervous about some of the criticism leveled against him, particularly Thompson’s charge that he’s a pro-life liberal Republican. GWB is also a social conservative, and a tax-cutter, but many of his other policies were dubious, such as the immigration bill (which died), the campaign-finance reform bill (which lived), and a big spender. We need someone who will not only cut taxes, but cut spending. I liked Romney in last night’s debate as well, but my fears about him are totally different. A Romney presidency would unquestionably add legitimacy to a heretical cult (Mormonism) which would damage the Christian faith in America. Mormonism is a rapidly growing sect worldwide: you can see their Geek Squad outfits as far away as Argentina. I’m not sure how to say “Elder” in…

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What about Mike Huckabee?

There’s a little bit of a buzz growing around Mike Huckabee (not that kind of a buzz, you bonehead). Fred Thompson was a dud. Honestly, can anyone remember the last time America elected a Senator for president, anyway? Many of the supposed top tier candidates don’t seem to have much popular appeal. Clinton, Obama, Thompson, McCain: Senators. Guliani: mayor. America elects governors for president, not senators. Take a quick look at history: GWB: Governor, Texas Clinton: Governor, Arkansas GHWB: Vice-President, Reagan Reagan: Governor, California Carter: Governor, Georgia Ford: appointee to VP to replace Spiro Agnew, never elected to VP or Presidency Nixon: Vice-President, Eisenhower LBJ: Vice-President, Kennedy Kennedy: US Senator, Massachusetts. The last time we elected a Senator? 46 years ago. The last time we elected a governor? 3 years ago. Maybe Huckabee could catch a break. Even the media seems to like him. I was about to compile some…

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Fred Thompson: Is He the Real Deal?

The Republican Party needs a savior. And I’m not talking about Fred Thompson. The internet has been abuzz lately about the long overdue announcement of Fred Thompson for president. At the very least, he is a solid, Reagenite conservative who actually has a chance of winning. Guiliani is too liberal. Romney is too Mormon. McCain is too McCain. Then there’s all the other guys who may have some merits but no recognizable name or legacy. Enter Fred Thompson. On the issues, he looks like a good guy and only a well fought campaign will reveal if he has the stomach for the job. I think he does, and I look forward to seeing his campaign. But I don’t think he’s the savior of the Republican Party.