Dreaming about Church Planting…

My dad asked me the other day, “why plant a new church when so many churches already exist?”

Great question.

Tim Keller, one of my heroes, answers the question here:

But the less spiritual answer would be this: so many churches are entrenched in turf wars and tradition and protectionism (which is not the sole domain of the old fundamentalists), it would be extremely difficult to find the right kind of church, in the right location, with the right kind of people, who are teachable and eager to be led.

Thus, plant a new church, with a fresh vision (not a reactionary vision), to:

1. reach people who are unchurched with a compelling vision of Christ and not gimmicks

2. build a community of people committed to Christ, each other, and the Great Commission

3. develop a network of other churches (and new plants!) who will strategically spread out throughout a city to see it changed for Christs’ glory.

  1. Michael, I think that’s fantastic. I had no idea you were interested in Church planting! I don’t think I could ever take the lead in starting a church like that. I just don’t have the organizational skills. May God bless you, my friend.

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