Take a deep breath

After spending a day and a night in Cincinnati, its time to take a deep breath and evaluate. We liked the city a great deal, and were able to connect with some great dudes who showed us around the town. We really liked the east end of town, in particular the Oakley, Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout, Norwood areas, which are pretty diverse culturally, economically, racially, and so on. A church in the middle of all this should be able to draw UC kids (a big plus) but also poor, rich, and a large swath geeks, sluts, motorheads, dorks, dweebies… (please tell me you’re not too young to catch this movie reference…) Here’s a picture of the skyline taken from N Ky. Beautiful.

skyline from Newport on the Levee

I took a bajillion pictures of the different neighborhoods and also pictures of the map to keep them separate. Laura made fun of me. I don’t care. map

So after all this, we’re thinking Cincy was the place. Talking about it more, however, made us think that there was a sort of cloud of gloom hanging over the place. Bestplaces.net confirms this. Economics, population, and job prospects are all on the decline. We pushed the pause button, are taking a deep breath, and just praying for guidance.

Another option, Columbus, is booming with great prospects for the future. Probably worth a trip up there as well.

  1. Hey Michael! Danny McDonald here. Nice reference to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Thanks for the link to your blog. Will definitely keep up. Take a gander at mine if you want.
    Miss ya man. Let me know if you need a drummer at times!

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