I Got My Dog! (out of a 30 foot hole in the ground, that is)

Get this. My aunt and uncle in a Huntington, WV, “suburb,” have been featured all over the national news scene for digging their dog out of a drain pipe. My uncle’s dog, whom he’s had for 14 years, got caught in a drain pipe presumably to escape the heat, and was pretty much buried alive for four days.

I Got my Dog!

My uncle dug a 30′ hole in his front yard to access the drain pipe. He cut the pipe open and pulled the dog through. At first, it was a local news sensation, as these things tend to be. But within a day’s time, they have been featured on CNN (video)and MSNBC. Tomorrow morning (8/22), Good Morning America will do a live feature from their own dug up front yard. The day after that, they and their dog will be off to NYC (New York City!!) to be on the today show.

Interesting: in the video footage, which has now been viewed all around the world, my uncle is wearing a t-shirt with his own carpet business on it and the phone number. Imagine having your own phone number published to the entire world. They have since received calls from the UK and Australia.

Oh yeah, and I used to work for them — by managing their carpet business. I would have killed for this exposure!

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