Boot Camp is Done, What Now?

I’m in Raleigh, NC, right now, and the Acts 29 boot camp just finished up yesterday. The speakers were Scott Thomas (A29 director), church planters Chan Kilgore, Tyler Jones, Daniel Montgomery, A29 president Mark Driscoll, and church planting genius Ed Stetzer.

The purpose of the boot camp is to provide theological and practical training for church planters and potential church planters.

Many of these guys are struggling through the evangelistic task of starting new churches and they need this sort of rigorous training and retooling necessary to keep going.

Then, there’s guys like me. I was there not only for the training but for the assessment, which will take place on Friday afternoon. This is where fellow church planters will talk to Laura and me for a couple of hours to try to help determine my calling and personal aptitude for the task of planting a church.

After this assessment, we will find out in a couple of weeks whether or not we’ve been accepted into the network of Acts 29.

  1. as a lowly parishioner in a church plant that has a team of pastors; i’m incredibally pleased. granted i’m not fully aware of all the struggles that our pastor’s deal with in working together. but i love the variety that it gives us as a church. hearing two different yet united perspectives helps so much.

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