What about Mike Huckabee?

mikehuckabeehomeboy.gifThere’s a little bit of a buzz growing around Mike Huckabee (not that kind of a buzz, you bonehead). Fred Thompson was a dud. Honestly, can anyone remember the last time America elected a Senator for president, anyway? Many of the supposed top tier candidates don’t seem to have much popular appeal. Clinton, Obama, Thompson, McCain: Senators. Guliani: mayor. America elects governors for president, not senators. Take a quick look at history:

GWB: Governor, Texas

Clinton: Governor, Arkansas

GHWB: Vice-President, Reagan

Reagan: Governor, California

Carter: Governor, Georgia

Ford: appointee to VP to replace Spiro Agnew, never elected to VP or Presidency

Nixon: Vice-President, Eisenhower

LBJ: Vice-President, Kennedy

Kennedy: US Senator, Massachusetts.

The last time we elected a Senator? 46 years ago. The last time we elected a governor? 3 years ago. Maybe Huckabee could catch a break. Even the media seems to like him.

I was about to compile some recent articles on Mike Huckabee, but it turns out someone else already did it.

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