Happy Birthday Jesus

Happy Birthday, Jesus. I know that this isn’t your real birthday, because you are uncreated, eternal, and you were unendingly satisfied in perfect union with Father and Spirit before that Christmas morning some 2000 years ago. But I can still say happy birthday to you because you saw fit to lower yourself and become one […]

How to Waste $1,000,000

This article on Chicago Tribune’s website (registration required) describes the ever-expanding pageantry of Christmas productions at the Savannah Christian (mega) Churches where attendees (at $5 a head) get to take a boat ride across a massive lake into Bethlehem, where they mingle with the townspeople who greet them with fresh water, fruit and assorted cheeses. […]

Should a Christian vote for Mitt Romney?

Foxnews has a list of 21 questions and answers with a Mormon expert. The answers are clearly a cleverly crafted and calculated response in each case, offering ambiguous information and little detail. In fact, several questions received the exact same, word-for-word identical response. It is obvious that Mormons do not invite scrutiny, to put it […]

Racial Unity in Church Planting

Laura and I visited Cincinnati today. I was there a week ago and really sensed a leading from the Lord to seriously pursue planting a church there in the urban downtown area. I blogged about it last week. A wise friend told me recently that when you’re looking to plant a new church, you want […]

9 things you’ll see in every movie

I recently attended the Campus Crusade for Christ fall retreat for the University of Louisville ministry (where I am currently on staff). Our speaker was Dr. Bruce Ashford, who is a prof at SEBTS. He gave a great talk about how movies are made and what are some key things to look for when watching […]

Huck-a-blog, movies, and Cincinnati

This isn’t the Huck-a-blog, but since I first mentioned him two months ago on this blog, he’s now leading in Iowa as well as polling very well nationally. Political strategists who are adept at their jobs should begin courting me now to secure an endorsement, because if I can get Huckabee to national recognition by […]