How to Know if You’re Called Into Ministry

I recently pulled an old journal off of my shelf from about 10 years ago. Some of the notes were from a Campus Crusade for Christ Christmas conference where Dan Hayes (author of Fireseeds of Spiritual Awakening) was a main speaker. But during that time, I was wrestling with whether or not I was called by God into full time ministry. Dan gave a breakout session that was specifically geared towards answering this question. I think his insights were right on the money, so I decided to pass them along to the teeming throngs of devoted “Everything is Backwards” readers. He sums it up in four steps. If you are called by God into ministry, you will at least experience all of the following.

1. You develop an increased awareness that the deepest needs of mankind can only be met by God through Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, one does not have to look very far to find ministers who package and sell the gospel as a product to improve people’s lives. This doesn’t meet needs. In fact, our lives need to be broken, not improved, to reveal our true heart condition. Our deepest needs involve breaking down our personal idols and functional saviors to expose the longings underneath. These deepest longings are only satisfied through Jesus Christ. If we recognize that there is no hope in life apart from Christ, then that passes the first test of ministry calling.

2. You sense a personal responsibility to do something to meet these deepest needs.

You don’t just feel sad or burdened, you are compelled to take action in some way. Maybe it is to be a prayer warrior, or to preach, or to share Christ all the time with people, or to dig into God’s word to understand him better. Regardless of the form it takes, there is an undeniable sense that God wants you to personally do something about it.

At this point, I should define what I mean by “ministry.” What I mean is a type of vocation (or bi-vocation, if that is the case) where you are ministering directly to God’s people as part of your job. Certainly, every person in the body of Christ is called to be a witness of Him and to serve, but not everyone is called into vocational ministry. So, I’m talking about pastors, missionaries, and so on.

3. A person looks at different aspects of Christian work and thinks, “I can do that.”

A person needs to have some degree of ministry confidence and competence. I acknowledge that “our competence comes from God,” (2 Cor 3:6), but this does not mean that this makes all believers competent for ministry. Quite the contrary, God equips certain people for that task. Not just anyone would make a good plumber, not just anyone would make a good pastor.

4. The intensity of your desire to do secular work declines and the intensity of your desire to do Christian work increases.

When or if you get to a point in your life where you reasonably can’t possibly imagine doing something other than Christian ministry, then its case closed. A sense of foreboding inevitability hangs over you at night as you lie awake and think about what God might be asking of you. You simply can’t see yourself doing anything else.

  1. Thank you for making it clear to me…
    I am 42, did not not finish at 2 great seminaries for various reasons years ago… have done every occupation white/blue/green collar work … a great year of ministry 14 years ago… youth minister at a large church, student pastor of a small church, taught in public, private schools, counseled parents, worked with special ed students, behaviorally problem teens for a profit social service co, desert storm officer, private investigator… instead of starting my own business the Spirit is guiding me to start my Ministry (to Parents I think) or other – I’ll just have to pray, wait, and rely on His guidance in faith. M

  2. Well this just made me cry. Most people wouldn’t even ask this question..if you are asking this question …it might be another sign.

  3. I googled and found your blog. I think it just answered my question, and I am right along the same lines of your first response too, Michael. I am taking my last class right now to finish a B.A. in Business that I can’t even imagine using. I have been wrestling with writting a book, and all your 4 points I nailed, especially #4. Now it’s time for some prayer and Holy guidence. Thank you and I hope you will stop by my blog and read some of what God has been up to in my life. I’d love to talk more about this and get your thoughts. God Bless, Robin

  4. There is no way that I can type all that is on my heart about God’s calling on my life. As much as I would love to, I really can’t sit here for 3 hours and try to place a full explanation of why I am even here at this blog. I suppose I am asking and shouting “GOD, SPEAK TO ME!” I am a 23 year old who loves the Lord and is desperate to be in closer communion with Him. My entire life and even as a small boy, I can recall memories of people saying that I was a little preacher. As I matured, I began to closely follow and seek God, desiring to even know His very heartbeat. I have been a leader in worship, playing guitar, keys, trumpet, and even a little drums. I have stayed true to what I believe. God has remained near me. I am experiencing a repeated call to ministry from different people. I was in a restaurant paying my bill when the owner asked me point blank “When are you going to start preaching?” I have been in services where, at some point, I was called out by the preacher or evangelist. I have heard things like “Ryan, God has His hand on you” and “Come here, preacher man.” Even last night as I left a church in the mountains to begin a 2 hour trip back home, the pastor of the church told me that he saw an anointing on my life. He asked me how long I have played the piano. Then he asked me if I ministered and preached. Honestly, I am not doing anything for these people to approach me with this. I know what they see; they see a strong calling and an anointing on my life. I have no clue what I want, really. I tried typing about 4 sentences to continue and decided that the previous sentence was really best to put there. I want to obey, I want to please God, I want to answer the calling on my life. In the past, I would suffer through impatience. Now I think that something I have been waiting for is just around the corner… no, it feels like it is practically right here. Somehow, I feel like my calling is within sight. Maybe it is just an approaching opportunity that I am sensing. Oh, God, let your grace rest upon me. Speak to me, Lord. What ever You need to do, Lord, in my life to get the message to me, I invite you and ask you to do. This life is not my own. Father, raise up those who you have called. Let the called take their place. Let us all humble ourselves and minister to you. God, just have your way.

  5. Ryan, don’t feel alone, many of us have been at the cross roads where God and life intersects. If you are waiting on a sign (burning bush) I am afraid it may never come. You stated that others have told you: that you are called to do his work as a pastor. The real question is: “Has God impressed upon you that this is where you need to serve. I am glad to see that you are avoiding a knee jerk reaction in this matter. However With that said, If you wake in the mornings with this on your mind. If these thoughts hit you at the stranges times, and your daily life events, be it good or bad seems to be funneling you in that direction, I think you already have your answer. One last question, does the thought of serving in such a position bring about a feeling of being too inadquate for the task. If you find this also to be true then I feel that the Lord is calling you. Remember the day a minster/pastor no longer feels inadquate, then thats when he needs to start worrying. May God Bless You Ryan.

  6. I sincerely appreciate your kindness. To answer your last question, I can honestly say that the thought of serving in such a position brings about feelings of being too inadquate for the task. I see my shortcomings and my lack of qualification. I know that “God doesn’t call the qualified, rather, He qualifies the called.” God can take a little and turn it into a lot (thinking about when Jesus fed the 5,000 (and more) with just the small meal donated by a boy). I know that I will never be qualified for certain things in this life. Regardless, that is no excuse to not prepare for what God would do with this life.

    A few days ago, I had a very fresh, unique, and liberating thought. I believe it was the Lord talking to me. For years, I have labored in asking the question:”Lord, what is my calling? What purpose am I supposed to serve?” I had been asking what specific gift did the Lord want me to use for Him. The thought I had was this: “God doesn’t want me to be a preacher or a musician or a teacher or a missionary or a worship leader or anything like that.
    He wants me to do all of those things at different times.”
    At specific seasons in my life, God will use me in different capacities in ministry. God will position me according to His will for different times and circumstances. I will have to rely on God’s perfect timing and positioning. This thought settles well in my spirit. I am so thankful for God’s willingness to comfort, nurture, and care for His children.

    What do you think about this?

    God Bless!

  7. Ryan

    I would say that a good question to ask is this: what exactly about vocational ministry interests you? A call to ministry is a call to a particular goal or task that advances God’s kingdom. You need to be able to identify particular gifts that you have that can be employed in service to God.

    If a person really loves Jesus, and loves to pray and walk with God and burns to see people come to Christ, that does not necessarily imply a call to vocational ministry. That should be the experience of every Christian.

    If you look at #3 in the blog post, you might want to spend some time thinking about that. Is there some aspect of vocational ministry that you feel particularly drawn to? Are you really good at something that is a ministry related task? Maybe administration, music, preaching, etc.?

    I also believe that God calls people to vocational ministry and he also calls people to serve in the workplace. Its just a matter of gifting and calling.

    I can sense your angst, brother, but God is working in your heart. Trust him and his word and he will guide you.

  8. I look at all written above and it blows me away. I feel all of these things and I am so passonate for Jesus, I just want to change lives. I want to become a pastor, but sometimes I dobut. Reading this, I know there is SO much more to being in Ministry than all said above. And some need to realize that, and I do. We need to give it ALL PLUS MORE to God to be able to be a pastor. I have changed so much in my life and I wish some people could see how I have changed. I have done some of the worst things, that I never thought I would be able to be where I am today. I guess what I’m trying to say, is there is so much more to ministry than what is above.
    In Christ,

  9. Michael,

    Bro, thank you for taking time out of your day to think about and pray for me! I will keep the emotions to a minimum tonight as I try to answer your questions.

    A recap of a small yet significant clip of my life…
    As a teenager, I had the opportunity to travel from my home state of Georgia to San Antonio, TX. I had won a statewide art competition organized my church denomination and went there to compete in the national competition. One night as I sat in my hotel room eating an apple and resting silently, the Lord asked me a question. No, I did not hear an audible voice booming from the sky along with thunder and great winds. I heard it spoken in my spirit and understood it in my mind. The question the Lord asked is this: “What do you want?” I didn’t stop to consider what had just happened to me (I didn’t stop and think wow, the Lord has just spoken to me). Rather, I simply answered the question. “Lord, I want to love you, know you, obey you, and be what you want me to be.” As you may be thinking (and as I realized upon saying this in that hotel room), this answer is a copout. Yes, it mot certainly was. God was asking me a specific question in order to get a specific answer – from me. After answering the question, no more than 30 seconds passed until the exact same question was posed at me again, in the same way and with the same gentleness. This time, I answered from my heart, unafraid. “I want to help people.” After I answered this, I did not get the question again.

    The next day I walked around the city of San Antonio. It was a bright day and pretty warm. The entire time I walked and explored, I battled with a specific word. I could get this word off of my mind. It was as if I had been branded with a hot branding iron. Upon my heart and my mind was this word: Missions.

    To answer your question, Michael, I have operated heavily I leadership, administration, heavily as a worship leader, an outreach coordinator, and a teacher. God is using me in leading my church’s growing college and career ministry. I have been devoted and dependable for those over me in spiritual authority and in ministry at church. I have been raised in a Pentecostal church, and I am very sensitive to the Spirit. I am filled with the Holy Spirit. I know that the purpose behind this manifestation in my life is to empower me to accomplish God’s will, not by my natural gifts, but supernaturally by the power of God.

    (a little update for your reading pleasure):
    Since my last post, I feel a “push” to go to West Virginia and working in the missions field and working with the poor there.
    I believe that God will probably use me in pastoral ministry at some point. I am always looking out for those around me, assessing how people are doing on a broad and individual scale. I know I have a lot to learn and a lot of growing to do. I will say this with no doubt, I am God’s man and His man only.

    I want to help people. Tonight, I was thirsty and poured a glass of cool water. As I put the water container back into the refrigerator, I thought to myself “there are people that are dying because they do not have clean water to drink.” I intend to help people because I love them.
    Thanks for praying for me.


  10. Ryan,

    I understand everything you are experiencing. I to am on a similiar path. I went to Bible College and hold a degree in theology. I was in ministry for a short time years ago, but am now feeling the pull of God on my heart to go back into ministry. I am not sure what as of yet. I have had some of the same experiences as you have when I was a teenager 10 years ago but it seems as if God has been silent. But I believe in my case as well as yours that if we seek His face and fellowship with Him in His Word, He will make our path straight. I will pray that for you.

    1. Thanks for the input, Jonathan.

      Lord, continue to speak to Ryan and guide him in all his pursuits. May he discover what it is that would best enable him to serve you to further your kingdom. Amen.

  11. I found this post searching for answers to this important question. I wonder why I am continually asking myself if I am being called. It is utter turmoil. I was saved in my teens and thought then I was being called. Then, as time passed, I thought it was just the emotion of being saved. OK, fast forward 20 years. I have a successful career and enjoy what I do. So then why do I feel compelled to want to be the guy at the front helping do God’s work saving souls. I well up with emotion everytime I see someone dedicate their lives to Christ or they ask Him into their heart for the first time. I’m welling up now typing this. WHY? Turmoil I tell ya. I know God has equipped me to do the part, but why does he call when I continually fall short and sin, don’t spend the time I should studying the Bible, etc. Ahhhh God help me.

  12. I am currently in a Christian rehab. I have been here since October 15. I came in for depression and marijuana use. God has absolutely brought joy and hope into my life. A sinner saved by grace I most certainly am. I have been blessed by the Lord to have the ability to aquire knowledge of the Word quickly and I understand it well. Application of this knowledge for wisdom is the hard part for me now, faith without works is dead. I am still a new born baby in Christ needing milk and not yet ready for steak. But I have this very strange sense of call to the ministry. In reference to an earlier question… I definately feel an inadquacy when it comes to following God’s call into the ministry. I find it hard to accept this call when I am a new born Christian of six months, and a previous addict. I still have issues of anger and selfishness that I can’t seem to claim victory over. I am continually asking God for help, reading Scripture and other books, and I truly and desperately want to change but I know I can only do it through the strength of Christ. My director has been pushing me to go to Appalachian Bible Colege in the fall. I am so excited I think about it day and night. But I just hope this is something God wants me to and not something that just I want to do. Any advice would help greatly. Thanks and God bless!

    1. Brian

      Thanks for reading and for commenting. I will pray for you that God will direct you, but you need to determine for yourself what you think God might want you to do. I believe that God desires for us to make decisions regarding how we will invest our lives for the kingdom. There isn’t a road map for such things; you must set a course and follow it.

      Lord, give Brian the wisdom he needs to understand your will and follow you with his whole heart. Put specific desires in his heart for learning and ministering for your glory and give him the courage and the resources to do it.


  13. I was reading Brians comments and could identify with his struggle. I too struggled with the grips of drugs for MANY years. I have been in inpatient programs nearly a dozen times and outpatient programs just as many. I have also been to the halfway homes, etc..

    It took me years to finally realize that God was the ONLY answer to my “drug idolatry” problem (drug abuse, addiction or whatever we want to call it).

    When I finally felt freedom from the grip of the sin, I was instantly compelled to approach other addicts and church members to let them know…”Hey, there is an answer for addicts and we need to tell them – LETS QUIT HANDING THEM OFF TO THE SECULAR WORLD!”.

    I think my zeal was driven by proper motives, but let me tell you where I messed up. I became so consumed with the outreach, I completely forgot my daily walk with HIM and my daily attitude of worship with HIM. Needless to say, there is no ministry without him.

    I only wish to encourage and help with this: As you begin your pursuit of Gods will for your ministry – full time or “civilian” – always remember, especially in these early days, your walk with Him will be THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in finding out his plan for your life.

    When we finally get our head out of the fog of depression, drugs and everything that goes with it – we just want change, NOW. That can happen, but we MUST REMEMBER, God is the Changer of Hearts and Minds.

    I’m with you Brian, God is not a God without purpose. Your struggles and trials will be put to good use by our Father – seek Him and you will see His purpose.

    I am praying now about a concept of a group of “addicts” that meets simply to serve others. I have seen that nothing removes me from my core selfish nature than serving others through community outreach.

    Keep seeking Him, He is always seeking YOU.


  14. I have also felt the call on my life to be in full time ministry. I have felt it for 2 years or more now. One thing that I can bank on is that God replaced my passion for playing baseball with a passion for my youth and working with them. I no longer could play baseball due to injuries and I cleary can remember how that void was completely filled by working with my youth at Church. God is great, working with youth is better than baseball. Also people have been telling me that i would be good in the Ministry. But I often waver on whether I am called even though God has made it pretty clear to me. I like what you (Michael) said about determining what you think God’s will for your life is. I’ve been in limbo but I think it is time to set a plan and follow it and God will determine how each step falls. Something that might be a tip is to tryout helping out with certain ministries and see if they feel right. Reading this website helped me thanks. On a side note I want God to create a greater perhaps burning desire in my heart for people to come to know Him. I know Jesus is the answer for each man’s Heart. Sometimes I wonder why i am not so driven by this as much as I should be but I know Jesus was and I want my youth to be too. I have never had anybody in my life in my circles of Friends come to Jesus and maybe that discourages me a little bit. I guess I rambled on a little bit but I really believe if God is going to use me I need to be driven for the Lost. Thanks

  15. Hi to all and Ryan

    I would just like to share what is on my heart. I prayed a prayer when i was 10 years old in my room one night for God to use me like he did Kathryn Kuhlman. 20 years later i was before the Lord for about 3 months weeping for God to use me. I am not sure why i was begging him i somehow believed he had so many people he could use and i was one of the millions who wanted to be used. God was using me even at that time. From the time i went before the Lord to now has been another 14 years. 14 years of time in the desert like Moses – God has changed me put me through things that i never thought i would ever get through. I have run from God i have run to God – you name it i have done it. I have sinned i have repented there is not much that i have not done. About 2 months ago i finally got my act together. Stopped drinking and smoking and really just sorted myself out. I have felt for months God wanted me to start a “gathering” in my home and to just drop leaflets in the post boxes of the houses around where i live. This was wierd as i felt that this was a bit like starting a church – but God is God and the struggle began. I hate speaking in front of loads of people, I have a problem talking finding the right words to say, I am shy, you name it i have the issue. The moment i surrendered God just began to confirm everything – i have absolutely no doubt in my mind God has called me and the doors are wide open for my to move into. In the last two weeks about 4 people have confirmed God has called me, God has brought such special people into my life – suddenly to encourage me. What i am trying to say if you are called you will know and God will open all the doors and equip you with everything you need to go out into a dying word. How i see it the time came for me to begin to walk in what God has called me to do and he has literally taken my hand and me like a screaming child has gone with having tandrums along the way and when i finally calmed down God began to really confirm everything and encourage me and well now i am trusting in Him with all I am to do what he has called me to do.

    Ryan i have had the same as you – alway getting words in meeting, like almost the centre of attention. When Gods timing is right you will know doors open and he almost pushes you through. (I am not saying God forces you) but he makes it so clear you certainly wont miss it.

    I am 45 this year and God has worked with me since i can remember to bring me to this place. It has really been worth it and i am really blessed. God has used me along the way but now i know its my time to shine for Jesus.

  16. Pray for Our Grandfather who is currently in St. Marys Hospital in Huntington Wva..He is the still the “Patriach” of our family, age 100 plus years old ,with lots of wisdom…and love and passion for god, his family and Gods work ….peace

  17. I really do love you all. I am reading and sensing hearts and passions – passions that I understand. What I know is this: GGod has been doing some awesome things in my life in the past 2 months especially. I won’t burden you with details, but thank you for your prayers and support. Everyone, just remember, Jesus didn’t come and die for ministry – He came and died for people. I pray that the Lord continues to break my heart and your heart for people.
    Be prepared.

    “The one who calls you is faithful, and he will continue to be faithful.”
    1 Thessalonians 5:24

    Be blessed!

  18. whoops! let me fix my typo from the message above:

    …”What I know is this: God is faithful and He will continue to be faithful in the calling that He has placed on you.”…

    thanks for the grace!

  19. Something to think about…”If I mess up anything, God will fix it.” Sometimes we feel that we are inadequate to minister to others about God and His grace, mercy, and LOVE. Or, that we will mess up His program. If you feel that God wants you to be in ministry for Him, He has your back and your “inadequacies” will miraculously be invisible. And guess what, no one can mess up God’s program:)! I have also been trying to work through whether I am called by God to be in ministry for Him. I am waiting patiently and in fervent prayer that He will show me the way. But, what I do know if nothing else, I am His child and He has called me to act like it:)! May peace be upon you, and God’s loving kindness shine on you!

  20. I am a 36 year old man. I grew up in a pagan home. However when I was about 18 years I became born again. I used to pray for people having ailments like stomach pain, headache etc and they receive instant healing. Along the line, the join The Ghana Navy and started living my life anyhow. But that nagging feeling keeps stirring at the back of my mind that God has a job for me in his ministry. I have become so much engrossed in the enjoyment of this world and anytime I take a bold step I find my self falling off again. Prior to my deployment to Liberia in March for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, a pastor friend told me that God has revealed to him that He has called me and that God said He had given me numerous signs over the years but I am not paying any heed. In fact my heart yearns for God daily. So on my arrival here I found myself in a small intercessory group will I find myself leading naturally. On Sundays I go and preach at our Company Headquarters and always the hand of God is mighty. Now the problem is that I have too many ups and downs. I fall too easily and that calls to question whether I am not deceiving my self because I preach to others and later find my self doing some of the sins I preach to warn people against. I need help urgently.

    1. Joseph, leaders of God’s people need to have a qualified character and calling. God may indeed have a calling on your life for ministry, but you should not try to lead God’s people until you are able to keep your own life under control. Paul spent 3 years in training after his conversion before entering into his ministry.

      Remember, ministry is about God and his people. It’s not about you. What if you are leading God’s people, and then you fall into sin, you would end up doing harm to God’s people (the examples of this are endless!). My advice: spend a year or two in a solid, Bible believing church and work on your character issues and sin. Then, if you have the blessing of your church, pursue ministry interests.

  21. Thanks, I really appreciate it and I will try your advice and see what Go will have for me. Once again Thanks.

  22. Hi Guys…i am so glad to have stumbled into this website..just a 26 this year…i have been contemplating ministry for like 3 years now? I have had always the call that God was calling me to something something far more satisfying then what i have now..time and time again…His Spirit convicts me…and because of His conviction im in turmoil…im in turmoil because im in the financial industry..and climbing the corporate ladder really well…im scared of heeding the call of scared what if its wrong..what if its all delusional…points 1,2,3,4 all all fits perfectly…i have a intense..overwhelming desire for God’s truth…the desire to get to the core of His word and be a stalwart of His truth in today’s society.I have an overwhelming desire to preach and to teach God’s truth…its what gives me great see people hearing Truth in a world full of half truths. My ministry would be in academia and in preaching….but my dilemma sure God’s calling me…but
    im also scared its all my own thoughts…there are times where i thought i heard God’s call..but it did not turn out that way…thats why im scared its my thoughts that ‘full time’ is better then workplace ministry…i just need to be absolutely sure..its God’s call and not mine..all i want to do is serve and love Him….

    Lean Sing

  23. Thank you for your thoughts on this. I am fifteen and since i was very little i’ve had the desire to be a pastor. My Grandpa is a pastor, and now two of my uncles are too and my dad is a youth pastor. I’ve alway’s questioned if MY will ws to be like all my male role models and not like Christ, but to be honest that has really been a cover to my thought that maybe the pastoaral rode was just my will and not Gods. I’ve questioned this all my life, and i’ve heard that in situations like this a will is a sort of a confermation but i’m terifide that somewhere inside this is a sort of selfish dream without even my own knowledge. On top of it all my passion is acting, it comes natrually but it concerns me that perhaps my ability to act and to speak would be weaknesses causing me to rely on my own influence without being right in my heart but not even knowing it.

    I’ve talked about alot of my doubts but you may be suprised there are good things too. I love God. And there’s no greater profesion i can imagine except everyday growing closer with him and helping others do so. Since i was little i’ve been a speaker. I’m creative and have a strong, charismatic voice. I’ve done multipul sermons in the past even at my young age and it is defenatly a desire to continue that. I suppose what i’m asking for is prayer to be pationt when i ask for a sign, and more prayer to be faithful no matter what happens.


  24. Over 20 years ago I was called to try to enter the ministry, but things just did not work out. I was denied entrance to the seminary. That hurt! I felt as if God had turned His back on me. For awhile I stayed away from church, but I could no more stay away than I could stop breathing. Now, at 52, and unemployed for over a year that inner desire to service is clearer than ever before. I’m not entirely sure where to go from here. Pray that an opportunity will open up for me to get into full-time service. There is so much that needs to be done!

  25. Thank you so much Michael Clary for this article. I have been praying about this for nearly my entire life, and have had so many conflicts surrounding my “calling” in life. Sometimes I feel pressured to get into ministry, but God simply hasn’t opened those doors for me. Hopefully I can have some peace of mind knowing that, although I love the Lord with all my heart, mind, and spirit, I may be called into secular life, and can still serve him that way.

    And thank you also, for the honesty of speaking about brokenness. I think as Christians, we forget that we are made perfect in brokenness. Like a ball of light hidden under a clay covering that must be chipped off to shine brighter.

    God Bless.

  26. i use to have different types of dream seeing my self perform miracles like healing sick making blind to see, preaching ,. but last thing that happen is that i saw my pastor,s wife in my dream telling me that the reason why 90% of my pray is not been answer is because i reuse to be a MAN OF GOD. although i alway love to do the work GOD, like seeing sinner being save. So i don,t know if this is call of God in my life.

  27. Hello-

    Thank you so much for the insight that you initiated and not only that but thank you for the initiative that you compelled in others to share their ideas about this very serious question. I am a woman and ( oh my goodness ) I just cannot tell it all. I LOVE the LORD and I LOVE talking about all of his goodnesses….I especially LOVE when reasoning minds come together and begin to understand the -literal JEWELS that the scriptures contain. IT is a rush. You know, GOD blesses with talents and with some, he bestows many( he also expects more usage ) but I’ve found that it can be confusing AND–in a repectful fear of the LORD, I’ve always said, pretty short of a lightening bolt- I am not just gonna GO when I’m not called. I am afraid because I don’t want people to think I want to be the “head of them” or anything like that. I too, have been told, numerous times that I have a calling on my life and I have refuted it everytime( not without consequences either)…what I have come to realize is that: to NOT do what GOD expects me to do- in any situation is placating to MAN. In other words, people get MAD when you use the talents that GOD gave you. I use the word MAD because I hate to use the word JEALOUS) but peole get MAD when you use those talents. It’s simply because they’re choosing not to use the ones that GOD gave to them. Thus, misery LOVES company. And so to not have anyone mad with you, you don’t use what GOD gave you. This is a direct SIN , to me, against GOD. Look at it; who are you trying to SATISFY? GOD or MAN. I’ve been pulled out to do things (I’ve not wanted to because I’ve wanted to give other people a chance or not look like I could do it all )however, the bottom line is that whatever issues you’ve perpetuated to have with me- in YOUR mind, is just what it is, that’s in YOUR mind(conscience) and for the safety of one’s own Spirit, one cannot concern themselves with those who literally hate you simply because you try to LOVE them ( thus keeping you from committing other sins against them)…The nitty gritty is: I’ve got to do what GOD expects me to do!I am not a person that wants or needs the limelight, I simply want people to come to know, feel,love and ENJOY the sheer LOVE of GOD- which would be LOVE, because HE is LOVE. HE is EVERything TO ME!!(which takes it right back to LOVE because LOVE is ALL GOOD and nothing else is ALL but -GOD.

    I am not even sure why I am written what I have but thank you even for the opportunity to “deal with it” for a minute. I implore to us all to continue to PRAY earnestly for ALL of GOD’s children and messengers and ESPECIALLY for those that are trying to find him. WE NEED GOD SO BAD….WE ALWAYS HAVE. I hope to chat with you all again. Until then, GOD BLESS YOU and may Heaven SMILE UPON YOU. PS. Please note that when I am using the word “I” I mean it, uniplurally. Dionne

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