Democrats Dump Hillary–many thanks!

Bill Kristol offers a sincere word of thanks to the Iowan Democrats who successfully labored to put an end to the Clinton era of politics.

I’m no liberal. But one thing that matters to me, more than necessarily a listing of policy preferences, is character. Yesterday, I posted a link to an MSNBC interactive tool to better get acquainted with the candidates. Unfortunately, these sorts of tools do not measure character. All we have to go by here is a few external evidences and gut intuition.

On the Republican side, I’m not sure anyone can dispute the character of Mike Huckabee.

On the Democrat side, I must say, I couldn’t be much happier with the result. Obama is clearly the most liberal of the three, and Clinton is arguably the most moderate. If policy choices were supreme, she’s my gal. But Obama has run a clean campaign and seems to be a man of genuine principle and conviction. I’ll take a principled leader over a calculating wind-sail any day.

I wouldn’t support Obama for president, but he’s the lesser of two evils when matched with Clinton. When Iowans got a good look at them both, they knew who they liked with a 9-point exclamation mark.

Establishment Republicans are beside themselves in disbelief that Huckabee won Iowa. And their predictions about his chances to win the nomination (“slim to none”) are about as credible as their assessment of his chances in Iowa (“slim to none”).

He has some real foreign policy gaps. But given global hatred for Uncle Sam, we could probably stand to fade from the international scene a little.

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