Backward verse of the day (#12)

I just finished reading through the book of Luke and I’ve made a note of many backwards verses. The beatitudes in Luke are direct and hard hitting. These six verses are the mea culpa of the Bible’s backwards theology. Jesus announces that the kingdom is near, and then proceeds to describe it for us. All […]

The State of Black America – According to Bill Cosby

Barack Obama’s candidacy and his speech on race in America have brought America’s original sin and subsequent racial issues back to the front of our collective conscience. This is good and healthy for America. Too many white Americans (myself included) have little idea of what is going on in the African American community, while assuming […]

Other Cincinnati Church Plants/Planters…

Paul Peterson has compiled a list of new church plants in the Cincinnati area. To see these other churches is very exciting and I can’t wait to meet all of them. The days of territorialism and competitiveness are dead, and I’m glad for it. Churches on mission need to work together to reach their respective […]

Backward verse of the day (#11)

In the book of Luke, Jesus says very little in the first few chapters. The first recorded words of Jesus is in chapter 2 where the boy Jesus found in the temple and his parents were looking for him. Jesus says nothing in chapter 3. He responds to Satan’s temptations with one sentence quotes from […]

Backward verse of the day (#10)

So you also must consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus. Romans 6:11 Jesus Christ reverses the relationship we had to life and death. In the past, sin was our lover and death our destiny. But Christ absorbed the abuse we deserved for sin and he became one with sin. […]

The World Needs Strong Men

Nancy Gibbs published this article in Time Magazine called “Affirmative Action for Boys.” She ackowledges the problems that college admissions departments face in trying to maintain a balanced boy/girl ratio in their freshmen classes. In an effort to achieve this, some “colleges are quietly stripping the pastels from brochures and launching Xbox tournaments to try […]