Planned Parenthood is “Excited” to Abort Black Babies

My wife and I have been scouting out neighborhoods in Cincinnati for church planting and we think we’ve found a neighborhood in the city that will work for us.

Oh yeah, and Planned Parenthood will be one of our neighbors.

Oh, and by the way, they’re “excited” to accept donations earmarked for the termination of African American women’s pregnancies.

Black Pastors complain about it here.

Further incriminating evidence can be viewed here.

Planned Parenthood has a history of racist policies concerning African-American abortions.

For Christians, abortion is about creation, the image of God, protecting the widows and orphans and not making more widows and orphans. It is about sanctity of life.

But make no mistake: for the abortion industry, it is all about money. What started out as an ideology of personal privacy and women’s health choices is now a billion dollar industry with no small amount coming from the federal government.

In the video above, a person posing as a racist wanting to help abort black babies because he’s tired of Affirmative Action offers a large donation to Planned Parenthood. He specifically says that he wants his money to go towards aborting black babies.

The woman’s voice on the line admits that she’s “excited” about this and wants to make sure she gets the donation information correct. It was all about money, not about women’s health as Planned Parenthood would have us believe.

Watch the video. You’ll want to throw something when its over.

  1. This is very disturbing stuff. It deeply saddens me that life is so cheap to us as people. I think something that we should consider, rather than demonizing the people who are part of the abortion industry (which is very easy to do) is to attempt to understand why they do this and to then do what we can to make the desire for abortions less appealing both to the mothers and the industry. As we can see from the past, simply responding to such disgusting things in a personal manner hasn’t brought about great results. I honestly don’t know much of the history of the life vs. choice battle, but it seems that Americans are essentially split over the problem. Some see it as murder (I do) and some people see it as something which is no more of a moral problem than a woman having her tubes tied. Further, though some states are making progress, it doesn’t appear that laws will change nationally any time soon. So once again, the question is, given these circumstances, what can people do to stop abortions all together or atleast bring down the number of abortions? Any ideas?

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