Further Up and Further In

My favorite moment in all of the Narnia books by C.S. Lewis is the last part of the final book, The Last Battle. The children enter into the “real Narnia” through a narrow door and find that this new Narnia is even more beautiful and more real than the one they had known. They are […]

When a Black Man Marries a White Woman

Few people actually think of themselves as racist. It is social suicide. But that doesn’t keep people from harboring subtle prejudices in their hearts that may seem innocent enough. Some of the most bigoted things I have ever heard from other peoples’ mouths were often preceded by the phrase, “I’m not a racist, but…” Many […]

Cincinnati Round Up

Here’s a compendium of recent internet articles about the Queen City that I found interesting. Cincinnati is a top ten city for relocation. An urban wanderer gives an outsider’s honest take on Cincinnati. Cincy has an embarrassment of riches in top notch cultural institutions, parks, modern architecture, and several Fortune 500 company’s headquarters. The Cleveland […]

Personal Updates

I don’t like using this blog for personal updates, but I have a couple of updates worth publishing. First: Our house is now under contract. We’re praying that there aren’t any problems with this and everything will go smoothly through the process. We’re set to close on June the 27th, which means that we will […]

Give Until It Hurts

If every Christian is called to be generous with their resources, how much should we give? To what extent should we sacrifice? I am reading Tim Keller’s book Ministries of Mercy: The Call of the Jericho Road and he offers a helpful principle. “Be sure that your giving cuts into your own lifestyle so that […]

Race and the Evangelical Slavery Problem

Pop Quiz. First Question: Who are some of the most beloved figures of American Evangelicalism? Answer. Consider these names: Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, and Charles Hodge. Great theologians and preachers all. Second Question: Even though most African American Christians believe in a generally evangelical theology, why do so few identify with evangelicalism as a broader […]

Backwards Bible Verse: Are You Blind?

Backwards Verse of the Day #15: John 9:39-41 The state of unbelief in Christ is not a matter of whether or not one chooses to believe in Christ, but rather it is a much more profound condition. Throughout the Scriptures God calls this, in one form or another, “Spiritual Blindness.” The biggest problem with spiritual […]