How to Turn Friends into Enemies

Here’s the way I go about making enemies:

1. Start a blog.

2. Ask a friend to host the blog on his web server (for free!).

3. Install a plug-in on the blog which…

4. Crashes your friends web server repeatedly for a couple of days, the same server that just happens to bring your friend a portion of his income.

5. Freak out, sweat, and try to get calm. Call your friend to tell him what happened.

6. Hope he doesn’t hate you now.

That’s exactly what happened to me the last couple of days. My friend is hosting this blog for me and I crashed his web server with this blog. At first, I thought someone got mad at me for the Planned Parenthood post and hacked into it. But we concluded that it was a plug-in.

Sorry, Josh! Don’t hate me…

  1. Ha! Give me a break. It takes a lot more than this to bother me. At least I think we’ve narrowed down the issue. And I’d take issues like this any day over being hacked and someone compromising the server (which happened over a year ago)… requiring me to literally trash a hard drive and restore the backup drive to a new server… including reinstalling everything and restoring people’s sites – which a lot of sites ended up not working because the new software available at the time caused some programs to crash as well.

    So this, my friend… this is nothing. Relax… but don’t do it again. LOL 😉 Teasing!!

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