Goodbye, Louisville

Our New Front Door

Everything I own has been packed into boxes and will soon be crammed into a U-haul truck. Crazy!

After spending the last 5 years of our lives in Louisville, we are leaving this wonderful city and headed for Cincinnati this Friday. These are bittersweet feelings, because we love it here, but we are totally certain that we are going where God wants us to be.

Pictured here is our new house in Cincinnati, which is a townhouse. There are 7 other doors just like this one that we will share under one roof.

Public parkin front of our house

Yesterday, Laura and I drove there with our kids to let them see where they will be living, and we got to meet

a couple of new neighbors, which made the whole thing seem so much more real. City living will be a big adjustment, because we no longer have our own fenced in yard, and I had to pay extra money on our new house just to have a parking space for Laura.

But there is a city park in our new front yard, with a view of it out our front window. We are located in the downtown area with quick access to just about everything. There is a hospital a stone’s throw away.

Front view of our new home (we will live in 1/8th of it)

With the majority of the world’s population living in cities, we will be living a little more like the rest of planet earth: people everywhere, shared public space, and less driving. We’ll definitely miss some of the perks of our Louisville life, such as a large backyard and off-street parking, not to mention our friends, but we’re excited to be starting this new adventure together and seeing what God has in store for us.

  1. John

    Great to be your neighbor! How close of a neighbor are you?

    Ps…. I edited out your personal info so you wouldn’t get nailed by any spam-bots. Anyway, I’ll give you a call.

  2. I’m already saving up some gas money to come up there, eat up your food and drool on your guest pillows.

  3. Chuck

    I miss you too, bro. It was weird to be here and not at Fellowship. Perhaps Fellowship church could have a field trip and conduct the service here one week? It’s only 90 minutes away and I’m sure we could find a Holiday Inn.

  4. I don’t usually, but if you have some rubber sheets I can make an exception.

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