Spiritual Warfare

Laura and I have now been living in Cincinnati for over a month. When we first set out to move here, I had two assumptions. First, ministry is going to be difficult and we will likely face opposition. Second, God has given me a great wife and family and our home would be a place […]

OK, I live here. What now?

Things have been crazy for us! We are trying to get settled in to our new home and get everything unpacked and put in the right place. Our basement couch wouldn’t fit in the basement, our desk wouldn’t fit up the stairs, and so we’ve had to perform a total furniture reorientation. Next week I […]

Hello, Cincinnati

As of today, we have been residents of Cincinnati for one week. We live about a block from a hospital, which is great if we have an emergency, but not so great when ambulances decide to scream into the ER at 2 am every night. This pic is the view from our living room. The […]