It’s important to point out that the author begins his premise with the person of God. In a world in which discussion of gender and sexuality starts with subjectivism and is driven by the golden calf of one’s emotions, this book gets down to brass tacks quickly: who is God and what is His purpose for sexuality? The author provides the answers throughout this work combining a steadfast commitment to the Scriptures with a thorough understanding of the propaganda that currently plagues our culture and is infiltrating the Church.

The book brings topics to the forefront that were once treated as basic truths: Men and women are different…the world needs both masculine and feminine virtue…the household is the most fundamental unit of a society…children are a blessing…one’s identity is found in a saving relationship with Christ, not in his or her sexuality. The author explains these topics in such a way that demonstrates that truth is always timely because it’s timeless. This isn’t a call to return to the “good old days”, it’s a much needed call for God’s Word to define gender and sexuality in our present age.